On Repeat #13

Hello loves! I promise, we're going to try our best to not miss On Repeat again. Two weeks without our wonderful music taste is too much. Unless you guys would prefer to see an extra post on Fridays and On Repeat once every two weeks? Let us know in the comments or on twitter! xx

Holy Grail - Jay-Z ft. Justin Timblerlake
So I don't think I have anyone to blame for this weeks pick. I finally got around to listening to Jay-Z's new album after weeks of it sitting on the wayside (and J.Cole's Born Sinner, but that's another story). I've been loving the whole album because much like his wife, Jay can do no wrong. This song has easily been my favorite, and not just because JT's on it. Don't get me wrong, JT's vocals are on point in this song, but Jay is just on it in this song. I just don't even have words. His lyrics are great, he throws in a little Nirvana, the beat is insane... And did I mention JT's vocals? Anyway, I think you get the point. Go listen to it. I even got Rachel hooked on it this week. 

The John Wayne - Little Green Cars
I planned on doing this song for On Repeat a couple weeks back but have been so MIA recently... my bad! This song is so freakin catchy and great for belting out loud late at night when you're driving home. Not like I've ever done that or anything. I just love how haunting the lyrics are about falling in love with someone unintentionally. And their harmonies....ohhhh their harmonies. Dying.

Million Dollar Bills- Lorde
Thanks to Rachel, I've been hooked on Lorde for  a couple weeks now. Her music is the perfect mix of lyricism, vocals, and bass; she mixes genres so easily. I know she's been catching on majorly here in the US, and rightfully so. I know she's doing a fall tour in the US, however, foreign bands tend to think Chicago is considered Midwest and I'm sure that's the closest she'll be to KC. 

Chloe - Emblem3
     Okay, this weeks post is about to get reaaaaal embarrassing. I honestly don't know what has become of my music taste lately. Moving swiftly on, this song is just so catchy it pisses me off. I made an honest effort to find another song for this week, but I'd be a filthy liar if I told you I listened to anything else. So, whatever. I jam to this shit at work all the time. My weakness for boybands is getting out of hand, but it's fine. 


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