How To | Surviving Your 21st + Product Review

So, I suck and apparently forgot what I had planned for you guys. Sooooo, you're going to get two posts in one! 

First, I'm going to tell you how to (or how I) survived my 21st birthday. The first thing I cannot stress enough is to EAT and HYDRATE, I know it's really exciting knowing you can finally (legally) drink your beverage in public! but I really promise you, you will regret it if you don't eat something to fill you up and stay hydrated. (My mom always tells me, one alcoholic drink, one water, one alc drink, one water). I also suggest taking two ibuprofen before you start and taking two before bed time, I know it really helped me the next morning.... I'm also about to go all mom/dad on you, absolutely make sure you watch the person who wants to buy you a drink! If they bring one from the bar to you, you have no idea what they could have slipped in! 

So say even after you took my hangover precautions and you're still feelin' it the next morning here's some drinks/ foods to help you out:

Water (obviously)
Sports Drinks (electrolytes are A+)
Peppermint Tea
Apple Juice
Cranberry Juice (my favorite)

Tomato (uh hello, bloody marys anyone?)
Toast with Honey
Chicken Soup (I know it sounds gross but it helps!)

Also some things to avoid: 
Coffee (I know I know, but it doesn't help)
Orange Juice (the citrus irritates your stomach which is already sensitive!)
More Alcohol (people will try to tell you it helps, but no, makes it worse)

That's just some precautions I took to help me survive! It worked pretty well.

Now for my review. I'm going to be reviewing POREfessional from Benefit VS. Pores No More by Dr.Brandt 

I got this one for my birthday gift from Sephora and I was excited to try it out! 

Minimizes the look of pores
Non Greasy

Wears off pretty fast on my face.

Pores No More-
This one was also a gift from Sephora because of the points I had racked up. I'm always up for trying things to minimize pores!

Has a tint for more coverage
Lasts long

Doesn't minimize pores as well
Greasy feeling 

I think they're both pretty good products all around, and what works and doesnt work on my face could be different for every one. Yet, if I had to suggest one of them to you guys it would be POREfessional by benefit. 

Well, I hope the two posts in one is enough to make up for my absence this past week! I was just super busy with all my birthday stuff going on! See you all next monday!

xo Kayson


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