Review | Freeman's Feel Beautiful Clay Mask in Lemon & Mint


     I know we've had quite a bit of reviews lately, but anywho, here's another one. This product is one I've had for quite some time. I believe Jenny and Rachel have different varieties of the same brand. The Lemon & Mint Mask ($3.99 I have says that it is for deep pore cleansing. I actually really like this mask. I'm all for things that will keep pores clean, and minimize them, so that's definitely what caught my attention with this product. I know I don't use it as often as I should, which is why it has taken me forever to do this review.

To be quite honest, I use it in the shower in the morning after I've washed my face. It does, of course, take longer for it to dry but it's the only way I have time to use it. I might do another post or video (probs video) on my skincare routine because it is completely, ridiculously extensive. So, using the mask during my nightly routine just really isn't convenient at all.

On to the review: I actually really like this product from what I have used of it. The thing I notice most from this is that it evens my skin tone, like, it's amazing. I don't notice it helping in minimizing my pores, but it just overall makes my skin look healthier. I'll purchase this again, but I'm definitely interested in trying the different varieties that they have.


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