Review | e.l.f Studio Blush (ONLY $3!)

Hello lovelies!

     Today I'm going to be reviewing one of my all-time favorite beauty products: E.L.F. Studio Blush. I came across these on a whim one day in Target (surprise surprise) and completely fell in love with them. The best part is that they're only $3! I have three now: Candid Coral, Tickled Pink, and Pink Passion.

     Disclaimer: I may not get swatches up today considering I'm working all day and then helping someone move in tonight.

Anyway, these blush products are amazing.

candid coral
     Candid Coral is a nice tan-orangey shade that gives you a sun-kissed look without overdoing it like bronzer can. I wouldn't say it's a standard coral color by any means but rather warms up the face. I recommend this if you have warm undertones (although I think Rachel uses it occasionally as well).

tickled pink

     Tickled Pink is a beautiful, natural color that I swipe on when I'm in a hurry to give my face a nice glow. I think this color could look great on everyone no matter what your undertone is. It's a rosy pink that makes it look as if you went out in the cold briefly... which doesn't make sense in the summer. But basically it just looks great.

pink passion

     Pink Passion is CRAZY bright in the packaging but completely brightens up your entire face when you put it on. You don't need much and that's why I love it! I think I use this one most often because I really like having bright cheeks. Not clown cheeks, just enough color to make it look as if I'm awake because I honestly probably feel like death on the inside, especially if I haven't had coffee.

     In conclusion, these are all amazing and I recommend them SO much, especially if you're looking for a new, cheap blush!



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