On Repeat #15

Casanova - Hoodie Allen(ft. Skizzy Mars,G-Eazy)
     So since Tessa took Hoodie last week, this week is my week. This isn't off of his new EP but a good song none the less. I originally got hooked on this song because of the chorus/hook, the chorus/hook is a situation that I feel very related to because of my freshman year of college up until this past September. I've never really felt connected to a "hip hop" song before so, I must say I was very impressed with this one. Chorus/Hook: Give me some bad advice

/I hate when you ask me over /You drunk off a glass of wine/ No wonder I'm acting sober/ So cut me out of your life And leave me like class is over/ But when the day goes, and the night comes / I'll still be your Casanova.

B.E.A.T. - Selena Gomez
     I have zero self control and no shame: I LOVE SELENA GOMEZ. The girl's got talent, and let's be honest besides dating Justin, she is all around on point. Selena Gomez's new album has been making a heavy rotation on my playlist lately. And by heavy rotation I mean I've been listening to the whole album through at least once a day. It was hard to even choose one song because I really just wanted to pick the whole album. But alas, that's not an option, though I highly suggest you still check it out. This was a later discovery of mine as far as the album goes, but it's too catchy not to share. And I'm always talking about the beats of songs, so why not just chose one that gets straight to the point? 

Everything Has Changed-Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran
     Okay. Part of me doesn't even want to talk about this just because I thought this would never happen. My work plays just preset radio stations and this song has been played regularly to say the least and got stuck in my head. I will have to say that my prejudice against TSwift has subsided majorly. I still dislike that she slut shames in a lot of her songs but I feel like Red kind of got away from that moreso than her older albums. Anyway! I could spend forever talking about that. I just watched the music video for this and hate to admit how absolutely adorable it is. You might cry. I didn't, but still, cute factor is at a 10/10. 

Love Like a Sunset Part II - Phoenix
     I know this song is a bit older, but I discovered it while listening to some of my favorite Phoenix songs. Phoenix in general is just awesome so of course I love even more of their songs. If you've never heard of Phoenix, they have a really different sound and I completely recommend them! This is one of my favorite albums of all time. Their new album isn't as good in my opinion, but that may just be because I haven't listened to it as much and am highly prejudiced because this one is just too good.

White - OFWGKTA (Frank Ocean)
     So I think it's fairly clear how we feel about Odd Future here, but in case it wasn't - they're A+. This track especially has been something I've turned to lately (along with copious amounts of One Direction). Frank's voice is kickass, so if you haven't checked out his solo album you're losing at life. Lo siento. Anyhow, this is a little different than the rest of the mixtape yet I love it all the same. Go check it out, it will be 2 minutes of your life well spent.  


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