Three Blogs I'm Loving

I guess this is my personal version of On Repeat, but focusing on fellow blogs/bloggers. They are blogs I've found myself checking regularly for updates, as well as checking their YouTube channels. Also! Look out for a new August lifestyle blog from me next week. Lots of new (maybe not so exciting) things happening; new job and the return of school. Get used to hearing my complaints/ frustrations as a full time student and full time employee. Don't say I didn't warn you. But anyway, I digress, here's the post!

1. Sarah Beth Yoga
I believe I found this blog/channel through Tara Stiles' channel. This blog is an amazing mixture of yoga and lifestyle. She not only shows her evolution as a yoga instructor, but she shares things going on in her life as well as recipes and other things.

2. What I Heart Today// Lily Pebbles
I have only recently seen her videos on YouTube, but I still decided to check out her blog. Her blog goes past just make up and into skin care and her everyday life. Another thing that I really love about her blog is that she has a "Blogs I Heart" page!

3. Vivianna Does Makeup
I'm pretty sure I've mentioned this one before, but if not, here it is. I absolutely love it. She does a lot of comparisons of products which is beyond appreciated. Pretty much for the same reasons as I love all the blogs I do, it is a perfect mix of beauty/fashion and lifestyle.



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