On Repeat #17

Gasoline- Alpine
     Like I said last week, I've been in a bit of music rut lately. So I turned on the Spotify MS MR radio and this lovely tune came up. I really enjoy Alpine in general. Most of the songs are a nice semi quicker pace/ beat. While they do use a lot synth, which I'm normally not much of a fan of, the harmonies between the two Australian vocalists gets me every time.

Boy - Nina Nesbitt
     Now this isn't something that's been on repeat all of this week, but I'm absolutely in love with it. I read Buzzfeed's article "20 Female Artists Under 20 You Should Be Listening To" and of course immediately went to Spotify and got everything that I could. I had heard of Nina before but just never really got around to listening to her and I turned on this song last night while editing and penning a few new blog posts and I'm obsessed. She's got a fantastic voice and her song content is A+. Basically a female Ed Sheeran.

Hero Brother - Sarah Neufeld
    So this week is a bit of a departure from what I typically post. If you don’t recognize the name, Neufeld is the violinist from Arcade Fire. Quite recently she released a solo album, Hero Brother. I’ve never been terribly into the band, but I’ve loved her solo tracks. Everything is instrumental – but not boring in any way (especially the title single). Apparently she recorded in some odd places…like a parking garage.  The album has been much appreciated as I’ve tried to remain somewhat focused on school. It’s a nice change from the Pride & Prejudice soundtrack I’ve worn out as a study playlist (but it’s still awesome so check that shit out too).

Can't Help Falling in Love - Elvis Presley
    This song came up on one of my 8tracks playlists, and I haven't been able to get enough of it since. I'm personally not much of an Elvis fan but this song is timeless. The fact that his voice is so raw and he isn't concerned about hitting the exact right notes makes this song so meaningful. Also, how could you not just swoon at the lyrics? If a guy sang this to me, he'd have my heart forever.


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