Miracle Product | J&J Baby Oil

     A funny story accompanies this AMAZING product. (Did that make it clear enough to you how much I love it?) I was in Target buying this along with some lotions and baby shampoo and the cashier who was a guy around my age gave me a weird look... probably because I'm 19 and buying baby products. He then asked if I had a younger brother (which I don't) but just because it's too difficult to explain beauty products to males I went along with it. For a whole ten minutes. About my non-existent younger brother. Hey, you've gotta get your kicks somehow, right? Anyway, I now have an 18-month-old younger brother. Who knew?

     Back to the product. This product is a miracle-worker. Here's just a few ways to use it:

1. Shaving 
     Yeah, I said it. I used just a bit of this on my legs in the shower and HOLY MOTHER my legs have never been smoother. It's also nice because the water doesn't make it budge as much as regular shaving cream since it's oil. I usually have itchy, dry legs after I shave and this was not an issue after using this. Also, I used it on my bikini line and I didn't want to stab my eyes out with hatred of shaving there. So, that's a pretty big deal. I'm dead serious. Try it out.

2. Moisturizer
     I used this on my legs after I got out of the shower as well just to lock in some extra moisture. Careful not to use too much though, otherwise your legs are really smooth but also really slippery.

3. Makeup Remover
     I haven't quite figured out how to use this super effectively but it does work. If you don't like oil in your makeup remover I wouldn't recommend it but I am definitely considering switching to this as my permanent makeup remover. You can use it on your eyes and your face (which is the part I'm trying to figure out how to do well) and then I just use my regular face wash to remove the oil and other nasty gunk at night.

4. Frizz-Tamer
     SURPRISE! This shit also works to tame your frizzies. Don't try this if your hair isn't coarse because it could definitely make your hair oily (duh). However, my hair is super thick and curly and coarse so I just put a tiny bit in my hand, rubbed my hands together, and took it for a spin. It worked pretty well and my hair didn't look oily at all. Take THAT, $43 Moroccan Oil!

     I will keep you all updated if I find any more uses for this product. But with four already, you can't go wrong. I think I'm gonna buy a travel-size (if they make it?) just to keep in my bag for random beauty emergencies.

Also, this product is only like $4 and you can find it pretty much anywhere. Beautiful.


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