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So, it's Monday and you're hearing from me instead of Kayley. You're not going crazy I promise. Tuesdays ARE my post days, but since Kayley has been in a wine coma for approximately 4 days now, we decided to give the girl a little break on having a post due the second she got home from Country Stampede. 

Anyway, on with the post. I had something else typed up last night and decided that was boring and really had no point cause it was me rambling about random shit. But then as I was getting ready for work, I was thinking about what's been on my playlist this month since I've been obsessively listening to Yeezus lately, and decided I would much rather share that with you guys instead! (I currently have 30 minutes and counting to finish getting ready for work... I'll let you know how that goes).

First and foremost: OH MY GOD YEEZUS. As I tweeted earlier, I may or may not need an intervention. This really has been a year of Kanye for me, because I got lost in Cruel Summer for a solid two weeks before I realized that other music actually still existed (whoops). Props to Kanye for creating some kick ass music this year. But here's my favorite tracks from the album (in no order because I'm having serious issues even narrowing it down to this):
Blood On The Leaves
I'm In It
Hold My Liquor
Black Skinhead
New Slaves

Secondly, I finally got around to listening to MS MR and holy mother of God I am in love. How I went so long with having them on the back burner is beyond me but they have definitely been a favorite this month. I've been loving Hurricane, Head Is Not My Home and Salty Sweet, but the rest of Secondhand Rapture definitely deserves a round of applause and I'm SO excited to see this duo in September (Thank you, 96.5).

Marina Diamandis will always hold my heart, so of course this month couldn't go without a mention to her. I really loved her before seeing her in concert in May and ever since then I love her even more (if that's even possible). Obsessions, and last week's On Repeat pick, Mowgli's Road have been my two favs from her this month.

Moving on, Ellie Goulding, who Jen and I will be going to see in August along with Bruno Mars (SO EXCITED GUYS. I really just love music okay?). I got back into listening to some of her older stuff like Your Biggest Mistake, and this Salt Skin remix but also have been loving her collaboration with Calvin Harris

Honorable Mentions:
Alt-J's Tessellate
A$AP Rocky's Goldie
M.I.A.'s Bring The Noize
The Neighbourhood's Sweater Weather 

Talk to you next week (on the right post day!) 




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