On Repeat #10

Firstly, we apologize for missing On Repeat last week (let's be honest we have awesome music taste and you're sad you missed out on it too)! But without any delays, here are this weeks picks! xx FBG

Forest Green - Odd Future
So I have my friend Tyler to thank for this one. On our way to Lawrence one night he turned on Odd Future's mixtape because apparently it's a pretty big deal that as a rap fan I'd never listened to them before. I had been meaning to but just never got around to it. And I finally got around to downloading their stuff (and The Weeknd's Trilogy.. I know, I know I'm late on the bandwagon) and I was actually surprised by how much I liked it. It's definitely a different sound from what I usually listen to but there are some really good tracks. I chose this for it's beat (a typical Tessa answer, I know) and also because Rachel and I decided our new life motto is "swag me out bitch" because why be feminine when you're a bro. (Bonus points if you can guess my favorite line in this song. Go.)

Wicked Games-The Weeknd
When I saw that someone had already started this week's On Repeat, I was scared for a minute that they would have taken a song by The Weeknd. I know Rachel has been into Trilogy for awhile now. However, this week it seems like all of us are really into The Weeknd. Out of all the songs on Trilogy I find myself going back to "Wicked Games" and "Montreal." His music is so simple yet so amazing. It was a real toss up between "Wicked Games" or "Sweet Life" by Frank Ocean. I'll just be waiting forever for a collaboration between the two, don't mind me.

King – Mike G
   At first, I was fairly upset that Tessa and Tori jacked my two top choices for this week’s post. How rude. However after listening to this track off 12 Odd Future Songs I knew I’d found a remedy. For some reason, I’ve barely strayed from rap/hip-hop this week (Kendrick Lamar’s “Backstreet Freestyle” has had an embarrassing amount of plays). We’re going to just try to ignore that this song is entirely about murder. Like, straight up, this dude basically claims himself as royalty for killing women. Regardless of the morbid topic, the beat and the lyricism are A+. So if OFWGKTA and The Weeknd could tour and collab that would be much appreciated plznthanku.

Only You - Delilah
     So I know I'm breaking the rap trend going on in this post, apologies. I just can't get over Delilah... her album has such an interesting variety of styles that really showcase her artistry and capabilities as a vocalist. I've been trying to get the other FBG to listen to her but they have been too obsessed with their own music this week, those bitchachos. So listen to her now, hokayyyy? Also recommended: Go and Shades of Grey


Fame is for assholes-Hoodie Allen
So, I guess this is a little different than what I usually post but alas, here it is; Hoodie Allen. I'm usually not into this kind of music but I will say he is definitely someone I enjoy listening to (not to mention, I sort of have to, my boyfriend is obsessed). I really enjoy this song and the lyrics along with it. oh and hey, he happens to be real cute. So I mean, there's that. 


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