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So, as Tessa stated on yesterday's post for the past four days I have been at a musical festival known as country stampede here in Kansas. Four days of camping, concerts, and booze. I brought obviously the essentials: clothes and toothbrush/toothpaste. I also however brought some stuff not many people think they'll want/need! So I've decided to help all you camper and festival goers a little favor! A list of all the stuff I brought. 

Allergy Medicine
Daytime/Nighttime cold medicine
antacids (trust me, I experienced terrible acid reflux and i'm super glad I had it)
Imodium MD (after all the hotdogs and beer you'll intake, you never know.. just do yourself a favor)
Anti-Itch cream
Shampoo and Conditioner
Toothbrush/Tooth paste
Hawaiian Tropics After Sun lotion (life saver, and it smells amazing)
several hair ties and bobby pins
three pairs of sunglasses
two pairs of flip flops and one pair of old vans
rainboots (hey, it might rain. rain and dirt with flip flops?)
extra swimsuit set
obviously sunscreen (for body and face)
Baby Powder
Feminine Wipes (trust me, you will want them. I promise)
Emergency Tampons
Hand Sanitzer
Extra Toilet Paper
Baby wipes

Also, if you absolutely have to have something on your face while camping. here's what I brought:
- Garnier BB cream. ( It's a good light coverage for your face, not to mention it has some SPF in it)
- Waterproof Mascara
- Make up Removal wipes
- okay, im obsessed with my eyebrows so I brought my rimmel london eyebrow pencil.
- NYC matte bronzer

Okay guys, that's the list of things I brought besides articles of clothing. I hope this helps you ! I know i'm really glad I had stuff that most people wouldn't think of!

Safe Festival going and Happy camping!

xo Kayson


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