On Repeat #12

All These Girls - Atlas Genius
     This Australian duo caught my attention after hearing them on the radio a couple of times, and even more so after I learned I would be able to see them live in September (so much excitement for that concert it's unreal). The duo is composed of brothers Michael and Keith Jeffery and they are unbelievably talented. Honestly, I didn't even know it was only a duo until I looked them up to write this, my bad. Their whole album is definitely worth a listen, I've been playing it alongside MSMR's Secondhand Rapture — which is a very good combo by the way — but this song got me over their rather catchy singles because the music stood out a little compared to the rest of the album, and also the lyrics are on point. So go give these new Australians a listen. Oh and not to mention they're fairly attractive AND AUSTRALIAN.. I have a thing for accents, okay?

Strange Attractor - Animal Kingdom     
     So despite my overwhelming desire to post "Best Song Ever" by One Direction for this week's selection (if you're having a shitty day I guarantee that song will make it better), I'll share another lil' gem I've been into. This British trio's latest album isn't exactly new, but nonetheless is quality. Though this is easily my favorite pick. The lyrics describe that odd situation when you're attracted to someone but have no idea why. Kayley recently informed us that it's someone's natural scent that's responsible for this. You learn something new every day. Aside from all the chemistry behind this phenomenon, give this song a listen. 

Best Song Ever- One Direction
     So, unlike Rachel, I have no self control. My on repeat for this week is definitely, no contest, "Best Song Ever" by 1D. If I wasn't already in love with the beginning of the music video (it's great) I have found myself singing this catchy ass song to myself since Tuesday. As well as sending snapchats to my boyfriend serenading him to this song. It's just a poppy tune about dancing with some girl who you fell for instantly to the "best song ever"you knew every line but now you can't remember....

Not Your Fault- AWOLNATION
     Since I'm going to Buzz Beachball this year, I figured I should listen to some of the bands (because let's face it, I'm going for MS MR). I heard this song on the radio and thought it was 'alright,' I had pretty much written this band off because I don't like their other single "Sail." Now that I've given them a chance, "Not Your Fault" has been a staple in my On Repeat playlist...along with Demi Lovato, Metric, OF, and Spice Girls. Normal. I really don't even know what has become of my music taste. And to be quite honest, I haven't really liked anything else on the album, but that fact aside, I think this could be a really amazing live show. We shall see?


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