On Repeat #11

Girls (Run The World) - Beyonce
Okay, so I was going to stray from my usual hip-hop genre this week for something a bit more indie but Rachel, Tori & I made the (rather great) mistake of watching the Beyonce special on HBO & I have been in a bit of a Beyonce haze since then. I absolutely adore this song and hate people for giving it shit just because of the chorus. Who cares? Listen to the rest of the song & you'll figure out exactly why I love Beyonce so much. She's a strong, independent woman who could literally run the world if she wanted. That is why Beyonce is a badass. This woman can do no wrong. She could record a track of her breathing & I'd find it genius. If you're a woman & don't turn on this song & automatically feel completely badass & empowered than I feel sorry for you because that's exactly how you should feel. Beyonce on, bitch. (Also I need to find the Jay-Z to my Beyonce because let's face it they're perf). 
Tennis Court - Lorde

     So this week, I was in  a lil' bit of a musical rut. However, I heard "Royals" by this lady come on the radio and all was well. She only has a few songs released, but god damn. "Tennis Court" reminds me a great deal of Lana Del Rey, with even better lyrics ("It's a new art form showing people how little we care"). Oh, and by the way, this New Zealander is only 16. If she's already this kickass I'm looking forward to what she'll put out in the future, and you should as well! 

Devotion - Jessie Ware
     I've been a fan of Jessie Ware for quite awhile now. Even though my 'On Repeat' selection was the same as Tessa's, this is a clear second choice. "Devotion," which also the name of the album is very chill, yet sultry. I first got hooked on Jessie Ware when I saw her video for "Sweet Talk." Her style is ridiculous; her style is so elegant and just gorgeous. My favorite songs from the album definitely include, "Sweet Talk," "If You're Never Gonna Move," and "Running."

Video Games - Lana Del Rey
I love Lana Del Rey. Her new CD was my mantra the second half of this past spring semester. Actually, it was more like I wasted away my life in the library and she along with Swedish Fish and Caramel Macchiatos were my only comforts. If you've only listened to her on the radio, check out the rest of her discography because she is amazing. I haven't heard great reviews about her live but if you just need something relaxing and haunting to listen to, check her out. 

Can't Fight This Feeling - Cory Monteith (Glee)
So, i'm sure obviously you guys have seen the news recently... Cory has unfortunately passed away. Being a complete gleek for the past few years this was pretty upsetting to me, So i've been listening to the song that first made me like Cory (Finn), which is this one, can't fight this feeling. I know that he isn't the original singer of this song but I feel like for someone who was just starting out singing he did a wonderful job.


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