Three Blogs I'm Loving

Okay, so the hope this week was to film a hair care video but due to camera issues, that obviously didn't happen. So as a quick alternative I thought I would just tell you guys about three blogs that I find myself turning back to quite often.

1. I Covet Thee
     Rachel told me about this blog, and I not only love her YouTube channel, but her blog is amazing as well. I'm a sucker for packaging, and this site is no different. Her presentation is simple and fresh, and her pictures for posts follow suit. Follow her blog here.

2. The Numinous: Material Girl, Mystical World
    I found this blog from anther friend of mine. Firstly, I love the name, "material girl, mystical world" for some reason. LouLou is absolutely a style icon, and hair envy always ensues when looking at her instagram. Anyway! This blog has a beautiful balance between beauty and spirituality. Her blog can be found here.

3. Lina Mar
     While she doesn't have a web site, her YouTube channel is ridiculoussss. There are no words to explain what a girl crush I have on her. Her wardrobe, makeup, attitude, just everything about her is amazing. Watch and swoon over her hauls and OOTD's here.
xx Tori


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