Review | Hot Buns

Hello! So I'm sure maybe some of you have seen the infomercial for Hot Buns on TV. I was at CVS the other day and it was only 25% off of $9.99. So I decided to just go ahead and try it out because I usually rock a messy bun anyways. 

So you're gonna get something that looks like this. You'll read the directions given on how to insert it into your hair. 

After a little bit of struggle to get my layers tucked in and not have it be an gigantic mess. It ended up pretty good and secure. I only had to use one bobby pin ( If you dont have layers, you probably wont have that problem. I just have layers so its tricky)

I think it turned out pretty well for something at a drugstore and for the price. 

Unfortunately, unlike the commercial says; my after bun hair was not "voluminous curls" more like a rats nest. (Then again, it might depend on hair type and length.)

Reasonably Priced
Comes with two sizes small and large for different hair types
Can find in blond, brown, black
keeps your bun very secure
Non time consuming

Can be tricky if you have layers
Leaves your after hair in a state of havoc
Might have to throw in a bobby pin or two

I give this product an 8. I would definitely recommend trying it out!

xo Kayson


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