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Allo, chaps. Today I decided to review some products for you - specifically, mascara. I'm personally  not a huge mascara junkie (*ahem* Rachel and Tessa) so it's easy for me to take the ones I have and go over them for you readers!

Smashbox Hyperlash ($22)
This is my faveee mascara. I only have the mini version from a Smashbox sampler I purchased a while ago but it has definitely made an impression. The brush is plastic but I don't mind that. It makes your lashes crazy, CRAZY long but without clumping. I recommend this if you're thinking of buying a high-end mascara for the first time.

Benefit They're Real! ($23)
I bought this mascara on a whim a few months ago, which is never a good way to buy makeup. I had heard good reviews about it and was desperately in need of a new mascara so I figured, ehhh what the hell? Well, I'm not that impressed. It's not clumpy but it doesn't do that great of a job of lengthening or thickening my lashes. I believe there are better products out there (such as Smashbox Hyperlash!)

Clinique High Impact ($16)
Another just alright mascara here. The brush is incredibly thick and sometimes clumps my lashes, which I don't like. If I'm in a rush I'll toss it in my bag to touch-up, but other than that I don't use it much.

Maybelline Great Lash in Clear ($5.49)
I always buy this at the beginning of the summer and then toss it once October hits. This stuff is AMAZING for the summer because it makes your lashes really long and sexy without looking overdone. During the summer if I'm hanging out with friends or going to the pool I don't want a ton of mascara on, so I reach for this and it gives just enough to look awake.

Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies ($6.99)
You guys have heard me talk about this stuff enough. All I'm gonna say is that it's my favorite drugstore mascara. SUCH good quality for the drugstore.

Rimmel London Scandal Eyes - Waterproof ($6.99)
I bought this when I went absolutely insane at Target last Sunday. That Target trip was devastating for my bank account... but anyway. I purchased it because I needed a waterproof mascara for when I go to the pool with boys and want to look normal. It does the job but I'm by no means super impressed. I have found it really awesome to use before using The Falsies to make my eyes insanely pop, though!

So that's all for me today! Until next week.



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