Haircare | Kayley

Hello sweeties! so this is just a quick little update of hair products that i'm not only in love with, but I use on the regular!

1. Hair Spray: Paul Mitchell's Hold Me Tight Spray — Even though it's a tight hold, it feels super light weight and i'm obsessed.
2. Heat Protectant: Not Your Mother's Beat the Heat — For obvious reasons, not to mention it smells AMAZING
3. Anti-Fade for Colored Hair: Pureology's Anti-Fade Complex — I have color treated hair so I use this to kinda help it from fading! 
4. Not Your Mother's Texturizing Hair Cream and Spray — Smells amazing, helps my hair keep wave, and super light weight. not pictured

Sorry for the shortness! just very very busy this week!
See you all next monday!

xo Kayson


  1. thanks for showing how to use hair spray i found better results after knowing how to use hair spray