On Repeat #18

Wrecking Ball - Miley Cyrus
Honestly, I've changed my choice for this week roughly five times, there's just been too much I've been listening to and loving lately. The first time I heard this song was actually during my PRSSA meeting on Tuesday — and love or hate Miley currently, this song is fantastic. I'll admit I'm not loving Miley's crazy side lately, but she's putting out good music regardless. "We Can't Stop" is incredibly catchy and I find myself singing it even if I haven't listened to it in a while. "Wrecking Ball" is quite the opposite but I love how raw the song is as far as the emotion behind it, and she shows that in her music video too. So if you haven't checked out this song already, I highly suggest you do. Maybe just not the music video as it's not everyone's cup of tea.

The Mother We Share - Chvrches
I just recently started listening to Chcvrches not even a week ago. I'm such a sucker for female leads though, I just couldn't help myself but download a few songs. This one has been the one mainly played because of its upbeat-sweet tone. I'm not 100% on the meaning of this song because it seems to have some "deep" under lying reasoning to the lyrics but my favorite is "in the dead of night, i'm the only one here, and i will cover you until you go-o-oh" just because I feel like with some people you feel as if you're always there but they don't necessarily apprecitate it. I'm just stating my feelings towards it, I could be so wrong. Any who, I suggest this song. I really enjoy it.

Gravity - John Mayer
Just a wee bit of a throwback for me this week. John Mayer was muh jaaaaaam in high school. I just downloaded his new album Paradise Valley, but the jury is still out on that. He covers Skynard, so I’m just a little bit confused. But we shall see. It did however inspire me to get back into his older albums. Anyhow, though "Gravity" isn't my all time favorite of his, it’s up there (“Stop This Train is probs my No. 1 of all time, yo). I exhaustively listened to Battle Studies as well back in the day. We’re just going to ignore the duet with Taylor Swift. If you haven’t heard this song, crawl out from under your rock and have a listen.

Only Love - Ben Howard
This song. I literally can't even. My good friend Brittany (who I have all my science classes with) has ranted about how amazing this man is but I didn't listen until now. Now it is impossible for me to stop. His entire first album is amazing so check out other songs as well! His style is akin to Ed Sheeran... so if you're a fan of Ed, you need to check this artist out. I promise you won't regret it.


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