On Repeat #20

If So - Atlas Genius
   So while you are reading this post, it is very likely I am seeing this band in concert. They are INcredible and I'm so glad Tessa made sure I listened to them this summer. I did a little towards the end but just recently have had their entire album on repeat (get that pun there??). They have a really neat sound that reminds me a bit of Phoenix but with a quirk. Seriously, I picked a random song from the album because all the tracks are great.

The Wire - Haim
Okay so quick change for this week's On Repeat. I was originally going to post something from NWTS, even though I promised myself I wouldn't give into the hype, I did and I still love that album. But I saw an ad for a HAIM show that was coming to town in a few weeks and had been meaning to listen to them so I finally did and my God. Why did I wait? These girls are ridiculously talented. Their album drops September 30, but they've got some singles & EPs already out. So check it folks, cause they're great and fantastic and I should've listened to BuzzFeed from the start.

Team - Lorde
     We here at FBG are no strangers to Lorde. She's essentially the biggest musical badass on Planet Earth. Probably, anyway. At age 16, she's made it onto the Billboard Top 100 and boasts some incredibly relatable pop tracks that put some of her older counterparts to shame. If "Team" is any indication of how her new album (Pure Heroine, dropping Monday) will pan out I'll be the first to get my hands on it. The same clever lyrics have returned, and somehow the beats have gotten better still. This woman.

National Anthem - Lana Del Rey
Okay so, i'll be the first to admit that I honestly despised Lana when she first became a huge hit. I'm not sure why, I just didn't like her persona I guess you could call it. Yet lately, I've been very intrigued by her music(also very intrigued with her). I dig this song because of her lovely voice as well as very interesting lyrics. It's true "tell me i'm your national anthem" okay!?

Sticks and Stones- Arlissa
It's been a very woman themed week! I guess Jen didn't get the memo, jk, jk.
Anyway, Arlissa has a crazy awesome voice. It is so soulful and just I don't even know. I love this song because it is a more soul/r&b type song but then it has this amazing beat that shouldn't actually work with the song but it makes it just that much better. I can't wait to hear more from this girl!


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