Review | Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel

As you know from a post or so ago, I wasn't too psyched to get this in my last Birchbox. That being said, I've had a chance to use it and I've had my ideas changed. I was worried that it would dry my sensitive skin out like everything else does. It seriously does not matter if it's for sensitive skin or not, it always will dry my skin out. Anywho, I left this stuff on for roughly ten minutes and the number one thing I noticed was smaller pores. I am like a pore junky, anything to help minimize pores, I want it. So having this product actually make me notice a difference was huge.

Obvi minimized pores!
I still hated the smell, it really doesn't smell like green apples and that's a big disappointment.
It did dry my skin out a bit. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be though, so it was alright.

Verdict: I am actually undecided as to whether I will purchase the full size of this product. While I did love that it minimized my pores, I'm not sure it did enough in other areas to make me want it too badly.

Until next week!


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