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     With the arrival of the cooler weather, I've been perpetually shopping for some suitable wardrobe additions. Online shopping is a particular issue, and I find myself frequently getting lost on Asos. If you haven't heard of it, you're missing out. Essentially it is a curation website of sorts - much like Nasty Gal. Though like most things I love in life, it originated in the UK. They boast a massive amount of inventory which is a mix of their own house brand and others, both designer and more budget brands. The website is easily navigable and has load of filters for silhouette, color, price, etc. The best bit is the free shipping both ways. There's little hesitation on my end when I'm not sure if something will fit. If I end up being unsatisfied, I pop the item back in its original packaging, attach a return label, and I'm sorted. I'm fairly sure they've established themselves in the States by this point, but if you're an Asos virgin please go check out the site.

*disclaimer: not everything I've selected is exactly budget friendly, but they're either basic pieces I find worthwhile to "invest"  in or I'm merely drawing inspiration and will look for cheaper alternatives.

A | ASOS Leather Fringe Tote in Color Block $128
     I've been on the hunt for a new bag, and I think I've finally stumbled upon it. I love the oxblood and black combo, and the tassels and fringe add just enough interest to keep this neutral bag from being boring. After spending a sizable amount on a Nasty Gal synthetic leather bag (and it  not holding up terribly well), I've decided to stick with higher quality offerings from now on. This bag is leather, so it will hold up and only get better with wear. The size is great and allows me  to chuck in all the unnecessary things I lug around with me. Plus, there's a crossbody strap which is essential in my book.

B | ASOS Angora Beret Hat $26
     As you will notice, most things on this list are the site's house brand. After several orders from their line, I'm thoroughly impressed with the quality and design of their pieces. This adoooorable beret is no exception. Angora seems to be quite a trendy texture for this season. I completely condone it, because I've already bought a black yeti cardigan from F21 and have fallen in love. Anywho, I like this particular hat because it's a little less structured than your standard beret and thus is slightly more casual. I'm sure once Kansas decides to become a frozen tundra this will be much appreciated.

C | ASOS Smock Dress in Oversized Dark Floral $51
     It's a little sad that the only colored item I'm lusting after is a few measly shades of blue. But whateva. This dress is beautiful. The floral print brings a girly element, but the muted tones and the oversized shape help make it more causal than prim. I would probably style it with some silver jewelry and sheer tights, possibly a leather moto jacket if I wanted to introduce some structure to the outfit. Regardless, this would be a great interest piece and fingers crossed I can manage my money and end up adding it to my wardrobe.

D | ASOS Jacket in Longline & Texture $85
     It is no secret that I love a good cardigan. Especially if it's neutral. So, as you can imagine, this is a dream piece for me. The vaguely boxy texture and monochromatic palette remind me a little of the infamous Chanel tweed jackets, but obviously much more casual and toned-down. Asos nailed the styling, as I would love to pair it with black jeans and a simple top. It's something I think is incredibly versatile and classic.

E | ASOS Metallic Fishnet Tights $11
     Normally I would cringe at the mention of fishnet, but I quickly changed my mind upon seeing these. They have a subtle gold metallic thread running through, which would be great for more festive events or even to add edge to a casual outfit. Though beautiful, this may be an instance where I try to find a cheaper alternative since they aren't a staple nor too functional (may be a bit breezy in the winter).

F | Cheap Monday Sweater with Dipped Back $68
     Surprise. Another neutral basic. When sticking to a fairly bland color palette, I think it's important to play with texture and shape. This sweater delivers in both aspects. The sheer knit plus side slits mixes it up without making it difficult to style. Anything high-waisted would suit this well and an undershirt could easily be added to make up the warmth. Cheap Monday is a bit pricey, but I know I'd get a few seasons out of this.

Alrightay, that's everything I've been drooling over online. If you guys would like to see more posts of this sort (or you want me to keep my wardrobe lusting private), please comment below! Speak to you next week lovelies.



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