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      Recently, there's been a new generation of liquid lipsticks cropping up in several brands's lines. No longer are we restricted to the standard bullet lipstick - though that isn't going anywhere. Modern lip lacquers are currently making the rounds. Now after that terribly dramatic intro (and garishly punny title), I thought I'd share my thoughts on a few varieties I've tried and tested.


     If the name of this shade alone doesn't tempt you to buy this, you're a better woman than I. Watching a copious amount of British YouTubers (as I do) it was basically inevitable that I pick one up. Marketed as "Apocalips" lip lacquers in the UK, I'd heard all about these lil' gems. Tessa and I hunted them down once we caught wind of their release in the states. As of now, they're exclusive to Walgreens.  I'm quite the fan of Rimmel's Kate Moss matte lipstick line, so I was pleased when these had the same fruity scent (the shade range seems to be fairly similar as well). As for functionality, they're soft on the lips and don't bleed or feather. It's a nice hybrid between a matte and gloss finish, while still delivering a solid color payoff. I also find them to be longer wearing than a standard lipstick, which is much appreciated through the work day. The only major con I've found with the Showoff lacquers is I feel like I need to use a lip brush to apply it, at least in this shade. The doe-foot applicator holds a little well of product, which can apply too much to the lips if you're not careful. This, coupled with my ineptitude, is most likely why I use a brush. Still, once I've applied a base layer touch-ups are brush-free. Overall, these are on point and you can consider this me enabling you to buy them. Go.


     Of all three products, this beauty by NYX is my favorite (initially) on the lips. It's even creamier than the Rimmel lipstick and has a slightly glossier finish - but isn't sticky at all. The consistency does push me to use a brush though. It delivers on opacity, and I don't feel compelled to wear a lip balm underneath. While the color range isn't too impressive, this berry shade has muh heart. Unfortunately, there's nothing "xtreme" about the lasting power. It transfers quite easily, and doesn't stain. Even just sipping water at work I need to touch up every few hours. It does, however, fade evenly so I'm not left with a horrid ring of color around my outer lips.  Still, unless you fell in absolute love with a shade or don't mind touch-ups, I'd opt for the Showoffs (better smell, better lasting power, better price...). 


     While the other two I've shared with you are quite glossy, this NYX version is totally matte. The concept is a little different from anything else I've tried. It applies like a silky lip gloss but dries without any shine whatsoever. Naturally, the matte finish helps it to be longer wearing. On the other hand, it is slightly drying on the lips; but that can be easily remedied with a little lip balm applied first. I'm actually not the biggest fan of this shade. I do have my eye on both Addis Ababa (a bright fuschia) and Monte Carlo (a deep red). Regardless, I think the unique consistency is worth a gander if you like a matte lip.

     Alrighty dudes, that's it for me today. See you again tomorrow for my normally scheduled post!



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