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Oh, the struggle is so real in my life right now. I am piled with homework on homework on homework that it's almost become ridiculous (no, it is ridiculous). Try as I might, my to-do list continues to grow. Alas, I have found two ways to relieve stress: I exercise every day and do a little online window-shopping. It helps me feel better to know when I do finally have some moolah again I have everything I want already picked out.

Which brings me to Gap. This household brand has long been a love of mine and every year they continue to come out with basic clothing with subtle twists. Here is what I'm yearning over right now:

1. Classic Leather Belt in mercury gray ($29.95)
2. Shirttail-hem Sweater in cashew crunch ($39.95)
3. Suede Zipped Booties in iced taupe ($89.95)
4. Eversoft V-Neck Sweater in ivory frost ($39.95)
5. 1969 Sexy Boyfriend Cords in navy ($59.95)

Obviously these are all completely out of my price-range, but GAP does tend to have some pretty great sales. So if the stars align and everything is reduced and I have money, expect these items to be in my closet.

Until next week!



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