On Repeat #40

World Music - Ahnnu
     I feel like choosing one song from this album would just be unfair, so I chose the whole thing. They are all pretty short tunes (:45-2:12) and I listen to it in its entirety. I learned of Ahnnu from Jenn Im (clothesencounters) in one of her favorites videos awhile back. Ahnnu has released quite a few new albums since World Music and I'm still sifting through them. This album is especially amazing for when you need to be productive and the entire discography is on Spotify. I know my study playlists are beyond weird, it's either Ahnnu, Marianelli, or the Tron soundtrack. It's fine.

Move If You Wanna - MIMS
    Once again, I'm on the throwback train this week, but a little further back this time. Nelly Spotify radio has been my JAM all week long, and I regret nothing. If you're in the mood for some good 2000's rap/hip-hop throwbacks, look no further. I loved MIMS when he first started, and I still love him now. Can we please just bring him back? What happened to him anyway (VH1, MTV - I want a full report)? So basking in my glory days of sophomore year of high school (ha. haha. hahahahaha. NO), I shall continue to enjoy my throwbacks. And I'm sure you're all glad to have a break from a country pick (but it's been of no shortage in my life, not to worry).

Little White Lies - One Direction
     I really did try to find another song for this week, honest. But for some reason this has been in my speakers much more than usual this week. Perhaps because school is horrendous and I need a pick me up? Either way, this is a real gem off their newest album Midnight Memories. Since I'm likely beating a dead horse with the whole "One Direction is stupidly, ridiculously awesome" bit, I'll leave it there.

Erase Me ft. Kanye West - Kid Cudi
     I've been listening to Kid Cudi exclusively on repeat for the past few days. It feels a bit like a throwback to senior year of high school since I went to one of his concerts that year with Rachel but I never really got into his music even after that. This song is a good introduction to his music (and rap in general) because it's not really in your face and has a dopeass beat. Yeah, I just used that word so get over it. Check him out.


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