The Medalists


   Seeing as today is the end of the Winter Olympics, I thought I’d write my own Closing Ceremony for a few products I’ve trialed lately!

Prestige Cosmetics Total Intensity Eyeshadow in Bewitched 
    I picked this up on a whim (what else is new?) while it was on sale in Ulta for less than $5. Duochrome eyeshadows are like kryptonite; resistance is futile. Bewitched is almost MAC Club’s more subtle cousin. It is slightly more green-tinged, but is still grounded in a lovely brown base. The formula doesn’t leave anything to be desired either.  The texture is Paul Deen buttery, and it wore beautifully through a 12 hour day.  

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
    With all the hype surrounding tools like the beauty blender, I opted for a more affordable sponge. Besides – when has Sam Chapman ever done me wrong? I believe Tori actually mentioned this in her recent video. She noted that it absorbed a lot of the product. Unfortunately I agree, explaining its second place spot. I do love the end result and the ease of application.Using it damp allows me to sheer our some of my more medium coverage bases. Still, hygiene and waste issues knock it down a peg. I’ll continue to use it, likely limiting it to my more affordable foundations.

Herbal Essences “Naked” Dry Shampoo
    Like my beloved Shaun White (that beautiful, beautiful ginger man), this just isn’t a winner. I was intrigued by Herbal Essences new release of a paraben and sulfate free line but this falls short. I quite liked their new Body Envy variation, which is texturizingand packs some serious volume. However, this has various faults. It dispenses quite wet, meaning it feels unpleasant and can be messy. Beware – anywhere it lands besides your hair will be covered in white powdery residue. Worst of all it makes my hair feel dirtier than before. To end on a positive note, it does smell nice aside from the lack of performance. Oh well.

    What’s your current medal list?

 Speak to you all next week!



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