Tuesday Talk | The Red Lip Edit

     Seeing as this Friday is Valentine's Day, we thought we'd share our favorite red lipsticks to don. Whether you have a real date, or you just decided to be fancy before you retire to a night of Netflix - we've got you covered.

NARS Dragon Girl
     Much thanks to Jenny for bringing this into my life. I'd been eyeing it up for ages and shiiiit was I missing out. It's a little off from a classic red which keeps things interesting. Personally, the pink undertone helps it sit nicely with my cool-toned complexion. Though as Lisa Eldridge wisely stated, it provides a nice contrast on warmer tones as well. The formula is spot-on, it's perfectly matte and is one of the least drying varieties I've tried. It feels very thin on the lips, unlike some that can feel quite heavy. Still, the longevity isn't lacking. Touch-ups will also be a breeze since this comes in pencil form. What more could you ask for?

MAC Lady Danger
     I should probably go ahead and film a MAC lipstick favorites video because I own way more than I should. Anywho, I absolutely adore Lady Danger. It is just so bold and bright that it stands out from among other reds, by bold and bright, I mean it's practically neon. I went ahead and lined my lips with "Lasting Sensation" to intensify the color even more.  I can't really see this color going wrong for anyone. I have more of a yellow to neutral undertone while Rachel has pink undertones and it looks A+ either way. Of course with it being MAC, I love the texture of this lipstick. If i'm feeling a lil fancy, I'll go ahead and wear this as a stain when I'm at work. Let that also translate as, "wow I don't want to be here let me put on foundation, mascara, lipstick and be done."

Maybelline Are You Red-dy
    This little gem is one I've been known to borrow from my mother from time-to-time. It's a pretty true, bright red with some pink-ish undertone to it. You could wear this full on for a bright, intense effect but you can easily sheer it out and make it more day-wearable. Personally, I'm all about bold lip colors so I'll keep everything else neutral, but you could also rock it with a smokey eye, a la Lisa Eldridge's newest tutorial. So no matter your plans (unless you're planning on a full on Netflix binge like me), this is easily a go-to red.


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