Review | Maybelline Color Elixir vs. L'Oreal Color Extraordinaire

     Lip gloss and I never really got along. It’s sticky, messy, and super girly – like, how am I supposed to enjoy that? However, a few new releases intrigued me and I gave them a shot. Both Maybelline ($6.99) and L’Oreal  ($7.99) brought out eerily similar products (at least what I’ve gathered from the marketing), so naturally I have to give you guys the rundown on what I think.
     First off, let’s just address the fact that essiebutton could sell me anything. She raved about the Elixirs and it was only a matter of time until I picked one up. Thus far I own 80 Captivating Carnation and 90 Rose Redefined. The colors are fantastic for spring (“Pink for spring? Groundbreaking.”), but the formula is nice as well. These are described as a 3 in 1 lip product, formulated with the nourishment of a balm, the shine of a gloss, and the pigmentation of a lipstick. I would say I have to agree. It’s not just a cheap marketing ploy. Hooraaah. These apply easily and don’t distribute too much product. If it’s longevity you’re after though, these won’t cut it for you. Fair enough seeing as gloss never sticks around too long. Still, they fade gracefully and don’t bleed. I am a little skeptical of the brighter colors, even though the violet is beautiful. One errant hand gesture and it’s full-on Joker up in hurr. The packaging is adorable, and it would be a filthy lie if I said that didn’t factor into my purchase. L’Oreal’s version, on the other hand, gets a few marks off in the that department. YSL can pull off the flashy gold packaging with class, L’Oreal not so much. Hoooooooowever, packaging is my only complaint. I am thoroughly in love with these. I have acquired the shades 101 Rose Melody and 105 Pink Tremolo. Cute kitschy names? Check. I adore the scent – a strong mango vibe perhaps? I can't pinpoint it. Though, if that isn’t your thang it could be an issue. But really unless you sniff it like it’s glue (me), you’ll be fine. These are just as pigmented and glossy as the Elixirs yet are more moisturizing, possibly even more so than some of my balms. The Extraordinaires stain ever so subtly without dehydrating your lips in the slightest. The gloss is significantly toned down after an hour or so as well. They are minimally more expensive than Maybelline but the margin of difference is well worth it. In fact, these may render me a lip gloss convert. Astonishing. So now, ma lip gloss be poppin’, ma lip gloss be cool. U kno.

     Will you guys be giving these a go? (The correct answer is yes absolutely.)

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