Taming the Makeup Drawer

For some god forsaken reason, I decided it would be a good idea to clean out some of my makeup stash. I really just touched my "most used," drawer. It may have taken me forever, mostly due to me being completely indecisive, but some things did actually get tossed aside. The foundations I tossed out were due solely because of their shade. I'm pretty picky when I buy foundations to color match but I feel like I may have had these a bit too long because they both got quite a bit more dark, the tone was completely off and I ain't about looking like an oompa loompa.

I was actually a bit surprised at how many eyeliners I threw out. One in particular was a brand that I threw out a couple of things. I'm not sure why because I was a bit fond of Hard Candy when I first purchased it. It was pretty cheap and seemed to be an okay quality. When I swatched these products again, especially the liquid eyeliner, it creased so much and it didn't have a staying power that I want with liquid liner. Some of the others I swatched didn't move once on, but the Hard Candy liner smudged right after drying.

In a more positive light, some of these were just samples I used up that I had been clinging onto. For Christmas, Rachel bought me a REN gift set. I recently used up the cleansing balm and the hydro-calm moisturizer in that set. I love the moisturizer but was a bit undecided on the cleansing balm. I'm not much of a oil/balm gal. I hate the feeling of it on my face. The cleanser I use to remove my makeup now is the No7 Beautiful Skin Cleansing Balm because it feels more like a moisturizer on my face, it's not a "true" balm so to speak.

Anywayyy, I cleaned up my makeup drawer in an effort to remember things that I once loved since I've put myself on a makeup ban this month. I'm never happy with my organization, so if you guys have any other storage ideas, please comment below and let me know!
xx Tori


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