Review | MAC Fix+

     As a MAC junkie, I'm really surprised at how long it took me to purchase Fix+. I think it took me so long to decide on it because I hadn't really seen any reviews on it. I was kind of confused if it was supposed to set my makeup or if it was just a hydrating mist. For the sake of beauty lovers everywhere, I decided to go ahead and purchase the travel version for $10 (I'm soooo generous).
     I know the main selling point of Fix+ is that it has magical powers to make your face not look so powdery. When I got my makeup done a MAC a month or so back, this was used...a lot. My face felt so sticky and I couldn't wait to rush home and take my makeup off. However, I tried doing some research and found that people said it felt sticky or made their face appear greasy if they sprayed it too close to their face. It has glycerin in it so that should have been obvious but whatevs.
    Back to the purchase. After realizing that it was probably just human error, I thought I should give it a go, especially since winter has destroyed my skin this year. After looking at the ingredients, and seeing no harm, I wanted to see how this product would work to hydrate my face without applying makeup afterwards. I was hooked after that. If my serum and night cream aren't cutting it, I just spray this on my face and I feel, for a lack of better words, refreshed.
     As my daily routine, I have been applying Fix+ after I use toner and before my moisturizer. I then apply all of my face makeup. So after I have applied my foundation, counter, highlighter, and blush I will go ahead and spray it again. I found that if I waited and used it after I was completely done with my makeup, it tends to make my mascara sticky and gross. Obviously since it's stuck into my ever-changing routine for about a month it definitely does it's job.
     I bought the travel size because it does have essential oils in it and sometimes that causes my skin to have a conniption fit. I'm happy to say after a month of using this product, my skin has remained pretty calm. As mentioned before, I have pretty dry skin. The main skin issue I have is dehydration, so this product worked really well for me. Sometimes I notice that powders only emphasize my dry patches and this product absolutely fixes that whole situation. In all, when I run out of my travel size bottle, I'll probably be repurchasing it. 


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