On Repeat #46

Sing - Ed Sheeran
I have had over 2 years to prepare myself for Ed Sheeran to release new tracks, and I'm still not ready. Ed is by far one of my favorite artists but he's also pretty painful to listen to. And I mean that in the same way as when I say it's painful to listen to One Direction. They all just make me mad. I had actually been avoiding listening to Ed's new single but driving to class ended up hearing it by accident. It's a different feel from his last album, and it took me listening to it about 3 times in a row to actually get a good hold on it and decide that I like it. So if you'll excuse me I'll now be dying until June.

Ain't Too Proud to Beg - The Temptations
      This week has been dragging on, so I seriously needed something to revive me. My brother put together a MoTown Spotify playlist and that has essentially been all I've listened to this week. It is a good switch up from the typical boy bands I turn to when I'm tired of productivity, but still have several hours of work/school left. The Temptations are catchy and awesome, which is obviously all I need from music. Otis Redding's These Arms of Mine was a strong contender this week. I really can't believe I don't listen to it more often. Spotify has a few good MoTown albums which could substitute for this playlist.

I'm pretty sure Tessa has used this exact song before, but that should just play into how awesome it is, right? I know I have used a song off of the same album, but "R U Mine," and "Do I Wanna Know," have been getting a lot of play time on the radio lately. "Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High," is no exception, I think I hear it about 3 times a day when I'm at work. I think I still prefer their older albums, but you really can't go wrong with the Arctic Monkeys.

Empire - Shakira
     Holy effffffff, Shakira's new album has been my mother flockin' JAM the past couple weeks. The first three songs are just so easy to completely rock out to and the rest of the album is just so on point. I never thought I would like Shakira's music but her song "Empire" was a free download from the Starbucks app a few weeks back so I thought I would give it a shot.... and I couldn't stop listening to it. You have to go check out this album right now, believe me. On other note, this song starts off a little slow but don't let it deceive you. This is a roll down your windows, hair in the wind, belting the lyrics while sipping on a Passion Tea Lemonade (that last part may just be me) type of song. Sing it, gurl.


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