Review | Lush Ultrabland Facial Cleanser

A couple of weeks back, a friend and I took a lil' jaunt into The Body Shop and Lush. Major damage to my wallet ensued, but it was worth it. Since I've been using this product for awhile now I feel like I can do a pretty well rounded review on it.

To start, Lush already had my heart because they are a cruelty-free, natural brand. I had been using the Boots No7 Cleansing balm prior to this purchase and I just wasn't in love with it and decided on Ultrabland.

With ingredients like Almond Oil, Rose water, Honey, and Glycerine, this cleanser has made its way into moisturizing heaven without leaving your skin feeling heavy or greasy. However, I recommended this product to Rachel and she is fairly sure that the Iris Extract in it had a reaction to her skin. I consider my skin really sensitive and I have had no problems with that, but I wanted to make sure that's out there just in case. 

I know I covered the use of this in this here post,  so I won't go to much into it. Basically I use it to remove my eye makeup, rinse it off with a cloth, and then I go over the rest of my makeup with it. I have had a lot of trouble with dry, dehydrated skin and this product is actually a holy grail product. 

The pot that I bought contains 3.5 ounces and I don't really feel like I've made a dent in it. I have probably had this product for two months now and I use it every day. The 3.5 ounce container is $29.95 (I don't remember spending that much on it? That store was a blur). They do offer it in a 1.5 in case you just want to try it for $16.95. So it's not the most budget friendly purchase, but I completely love the fact that I know the ingredients and the pot even tells you who made your product and when. 

What's your favorite moisturizing cleanser?
xx Tori


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