The Gloss Over

     As you well know, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. So here goes: I’m addicted to lip gloss. Much like Tori, I blame essiebutton. I was never too keen on gloss but eventually something clicked and I’ll never look back. Spring and summer are the harbingers of fresh makeup, and lip gloss fits that bill. Bold, matte lips are lovely but pose the risk of seeming over-done. Not to mention they can be tricky to maintain. Just a touch of lip gloss adds color and shine while remaining convenient. After my epiphany, I've found a few favorites. Give these a go if you're a little hesitant of gloss.

ALMAY COLOR + CARE LIQUID LIP BALM in 700 Cantaloupe Crème
     Perhaps the most subtle of this trio, this is an easy finish to any look. The pastel coral subtly warms the tone of your lips which is lovely with a bit of a tan. This does feel more like a balm than a stereotypical gloss. No signs of stickiness here, just a respectable dose of moisture. The pigmentation is sheer, so nice for more casual days.

MILANI BRILLIANT SHINE GLOSS in Sweet Grapefruit and Coral Crush
     This offering is very much classed as a traditional lip gloss – candy-scented and quite sticky. It doesn’t disappoint in terms of shine, though. I also find that the tackiness fades after an hour’s wear or so. While the color payoff isn’t equal to a liquid lipstick they aren’t incredibly sheer. Sweet Grapefruit adds a pretty pink flush to the lips, while Coral Crush is a good option for those a little timid of orange.

NYX BUTTER GLOSS in Peaches and Cream and Strawberry Shortcake
      This duo is another set of shades perfectly suited for the season. These are essentially just an amped up version of the Almay balm/gloss hybrid. They offer more sheen and are nearly on par with a lipstick. These fade gracefully and won’t feather or bleed.

 Are any of you gloss converts? Which formula would you prefer?



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