Tuesday Talk | Spring Fragrances

     If you've been a little out of the loop with FBG as of late, every Tuesday we post collaboratively. We blabber on about anything from makeup to movies so be sure to tune in dudes. Since the spring season finally seems to be creeping up on us, we're here to share our favorite fragrances to don this time of year.

Versace Bright Crystal    
Both the scent and packaging of this perfume are on point for the warmer weather...even though this photo fails to show it. Bright Crystal is one of the longest lasting fragrances I own. I do think roller balls are slightly more effective when you need a scent to last though. With fresh top notes like pomegranate, followed by peony and magnolia, this is undoubtedly fitting for spring. However, it’s still grounded in a musky amber base so it maintains a masculine element, which I personally enjoy.  Fresh, but not too sweet – this is definitely a seasonal staple.

Marc Jacobs Daisy
     I can absolutely say for certain, the main reason I love this perfume would be because of the Jasmine notes. Jasmine has to be one of my favorite scents ever. Daisy is a lot more feminine than the perfumes I typically go for, but I am absolutely loving the sample that I got from Sephora. Even though it is a pretty feminine scent, it is also a bit musky with some notes of Vanilla. Those notes even out the Jasmine, Gardenia, and Violet notes. Once this sample runs out, I will definitely be buying the full size product.

Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb
    Surprise, surprise - Flowerbomb is my pick. I've been obsessed with this scent for about a year now. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a purchase completely induced by Eleanor Calder (who is flawless, btw). If the name didn't give it away, this is definitely a floral smelling perfume, so beware if you're not a fan of that kind of thing. However, the addition of patchouli gives it a bit of a spicy note as well, giving it the perfect offset to being overly floral.

Ralph Lauren Big Pony Women's Collection #2
     I caved and bought this perfume after lusting after Rachel's for an obscene amount of time. I think every time I went to her house I sprayed it on... I finally bought this as a birthday present to myself last August because I could no longer live without it. Described as a "floriental fruity" scent, the key ingredients are cranberry and tonka mousse. This is a light, fun scent but still has a sexy hint to it so it's perfect for day and night wear during the spring and summer.


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