Tuesday Talk | Spring Transition Piece

Denim Vest
     Considering Tessa and I frequently end up wearing nearly identical outfits, it should come as no surprise that I've chosen a denim vest. I added this to my wardrobe this past summer and have essentially worn it year-round since. This is fantastic to throw over a zip-up hoodie during the cooler, rainy days of spring. However, it's also helpful to bring along to pop on over a t-shirt if things are a little warmer. I even pair it with summer dresses when I want to keep my look casual. A vest allows me to layer up, without completely masking my outfit underneath. Sorted. (P.S. - see it styled here).

Denim/Hoodie Jacket
     This jacket has been a well-loved staple in my wardrobe for about a year and spring is no exception to breaking it out. I've found that it's the perfect layering piece for when the weather is starting to warm up but it's not quite time to rock a t-shirt or tank top solo. The mix of fabrics give a laid back vibe to any outfit, and the fact that it's light denim and grey means it goes with pretty much my entire closet. I usually pair it up with leggings and a longer tank top or oversized t-shirt or dark wash jeans and a basic t-shirt with a statement necklace.

Ankle Boots
     I bought these at Forever 21 awhile ago and have been wearing them constantly. They are easily dressed up or worn casually. They are perfect for the spring transition because they can be worn with pants (like shown) or with shorts or a dress. Bonus: they are clicky. Who doesn't enjoy a good shoe that clicks?


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