Tuesday Talk | Favorite Concealer

MAC Studio Finish Concealer (NC15)
     I know I've mentioned my struggle of finding a good concealer before and I still haven't found my holy grail product. The Studio Finish Concealer is the closet I've come though. I typically use the Revlon Photo Ready concealer for redness, but Studio Finish is great for under the eyes. I'm convinced that nothing will ever completely cover my dark circles, but this does a fine job. It has SPF 35 which makes me feel pretty good about this product. Using a moisturizing under eye cream is necessary when using this product to ensure it doesn't look cakey. I really like applying this with the tip of my Real Techniques Sponge.

Sonia Kashuk All Covered Up (01 Porcelain)
     Soooo I apparently completed spaced that the Tuesday Talk this week was on concealer since I did my post on concealers last week (oops). However, this time I uploaded a picture so y'all could get a better understanding of the consistency f this product. It's a little wetter than MAC Studio Finish but I feel that they could be comparable. This product blends well and matches my skintone almost perfectly but I believe there are only four different colors. I usually just use my finger (I know, poor form, but I'm a girl on the go). It also has pretty nice packaging for the drugstore, albeit a little bulky for the amount of product inside. However, this has been my favorite concealer recently but like Tori, I still haven't found my holy grail.

Covergirl Fresh Completion Under Eye Concealer in Classic Ivory
Well, what a surprise we have here. I think I've used this concealer in every video I've posted (which if you aren't subscribed to our YouTube channel go do so now.. New videos every Saturday!). Much like Tori, I don't think I'll ever find a product to actually help my under eye area, but this comes pretty darn close. It has a really creamy consistency and it actually just a tad too light for my skin (a real feat to accomplish) so it has a highlighting effect that makes it look like maybe I did sleep for 8 hours last night. Of course I have yet to find a concealer that I love enough to repurchase, I think I'll forever be on the hunt. Suggestions welcome.

Tarte Maracuja Creaseless Concealer in Fair
     I'm not sure that I've ever actually mentioned this product, but it has been a game changer for me. The price tag is a little steep unfortunately. However, if you are ghostly it can be quite the challenge to find a concealer that is actually fair enough. This is the right shade and undertone for my skin, and works well for dryness. If you tend to be oiler, it may slide around a bit on you. If you find that concealer tends to look cakey and dry, give this a go. I find it can work on both blemishes and the under eye area. It is densely pigmented, so you only need a minute amount. Paired with a tapered eyeliner brush this is perfect for some Lisa Eldridge pinpoint concealing.


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