2014 Resolutions

Well, everyone else has done their resolutions for 2014. Why am I not surprised that I procrastinated making resolutions? Sometimes I astound myself with my mastery of procrastination. Anyway, I've split up my resolutions into three categories: beauty, school, and personal. Here goes!


  1. Wear eyeshadow more often. I have a serious obsession with lip products so I tend to keep my eyelids bare using Painterly from MAC. This year, I want to really delve into my eyeshadow palettes and create some new looks because otherwise they're mostly just sitting in my collection! No bueno
  2. Master my brows. I'm still a little unsure of how to do my brows. I tend to just wing it and sometimes it looks normal and sometimes I look.... not normal. This year I need to get on top of them!
  3. Set up a complete skincare regimen. This resolution has already begun. I invested in a PTR toner and am going to pick up the Murad Clarifying Cleanser soon as well. Makeup will look even better if you have a clean canvas!
  1. STOP PROCRASTINATING. If I don't want to do something, I procrastinate it. To no end. The same happens with schoolwork which tends to bite me in the ass. I need to stay on top of my studies so I have more time to relax on the weekends.
  2. All As. I almost had all As last semester but Organic Chemistry screwed me over. What a surprise. This semester, I'm dedicated to getting those perfect grades because I know I have the capability to.
  3. Make more time for fun. This is somewhat school-related because it involves time management. Last semester was insane because I never had time to go out and blow steam off. This semester, it needs to happen at least once a week just to take my mind off school for a night!
  1. exercise, exercise, exercise. Such originality. This is a major resolution because everyone wants to be healthy and look their best! This leads to #2,
  2. cooking more often and healthier. I did cook some last semester but it wasn't very healthy meals and or very often. Now, my eyes have been opened to the wonders of frozen vegetables and fruits which allow me to eat healthy throughout the year. Fresh fruit and vegetables are hard to go through by myself before they expire so frozen is the solution!
  3. manage my money. This has always been an issue for me because I have a major shopping addiction. I've weaned off the shopping for the most part but buying food is still an issue. Cooking more often and managing my money go hand in hand. I really want to save up for more investment pieces, so not spending money on fast food is really important to help that fund!
Well that's all for me this week! Comment below if you have similar resolutions!



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