Beauty Resolutions

 Yes, the time of year for sweeping self-change has arrived. I, like most people, have these grand notions of getting healthier and just generally getting my shit together. In fact that encompasses my resolution fairly well. I know what I need to do to have a better year (read: being fit does not involve some combo of Jimmy John’s, beer, and Netflix). Execution is where I struggle. Still, I’ve penned a few beauty-related resolutions for myself which should be simpler to manage.
Drink more water
     Is this not obvious? Hydrating myself properly will not only help improve my overall health, but should aid in improving my complexion.  Work is my place to start. Every two hours, I’m hoping to finish around 32oz of ice water. As for class and weekends, I’m looking forward to sprucing things up with fruit and fresh mint (I’ve successfully kept a plant alive for 6 months and fail to put it to use). I don’t think soda will ever leave my life fully, I mean how am I supposed to resist Baja Blast? Regardless, it will be an occasional treat.
 Shop the stash
   In 2013 my makeup collection ballooned to a whole new level. Tessa and I successfully completed our makeup ban for December, prompting this resolution. I have various products that merely take up space. It’s easy to be swept up in the excitement of a new product, but it can lead to some negligence. To remedy this, I’m strongly considering extending my makeup ban for another month to focus on using some forgotten finds. Essentially, I don’t want to reach a point where the majority of my collection is under-utilized. Doing so will force me to make use of what I have and be creative when it comes to makeup. Challenge accepted.
 Body care
     When it comes to this area, I’m horrendous. For someone with a fairly meticulous facial skincare routine, I basically ignore the rest of the organ. Moisturizing, exfoliating, soaking, whatever are all chores in my mind. I’m too easy to forget that the rest of my skin ages as well and thus requires maintenance. So, going forward I’m making it a priority to look after it better. I’m looking forward to stocking up on some new body care, obviously to fill the void of no makeup purchases.
 Skincare additions
     Thus far I’ve nailed down a basic routine that I’m happy with. Most of the time my skin is well behaved, but now it’s time to up the ante. Proverbially, I’ve learned to walk and now it’s time to run. The name of the game will be treatments and serums, along with locking down a good SPF. Eye cream is also at the top of my list, to fix the deep ravines of fine lines forming beneath my eyes. Ole Henriksen, Clarins, and Peter Thomas Roth are a few brands I’d specifically like to investigate in the New Year.

How 'bout you dudes, any beauty resolutions? Comment below! Until next week, 



  1. Peter Thomas Roth is incredible. You won't be disappointed. Good luck! :)