Campus Essentials

If you're anything like me there are some things you just can't be without (my watch, my phone). This is no different when I venture on to campus (ugh). And in full spirit of getting back into routine, I thought I'd share my campus essentials.


  • Lotion (Nivea Extended Moisture): Since Kansas has decided to be an absolute gem this winter, my hands have been ridiculously dehydrated and I'm always feeling the need to apply lotion. I got a sample size of this a while back and threw it into my bag. It's not my favorite, but it'll work until I get my hands (haha, I'm not Rachel I promise) on another Soap & Glory Hand Food travel size.
  • Body Spray (Bath & Body Works, Be Enchanted): I don't use this all that often, but it's nice to have. I really should update the scent, since this one has been in my bag since August, but it's almost spring again — okay, maybe not but close enough? — so it'll probably stay.
  • Hand Sanitizer (Bath & Body Works, Island Margarita): I wish they had this scent year round because it's my favorite ever, and yes, I fully plan on stocking up on the candle. Anyway, if you don't carry hand sanitizer on campus, you're crazy. It's pretty self explanatory.
  • Chapstick (Maybelline Baby Lips in Melon): Another self explanatory product. Do I ever leave the house without a Baby Lips and/or EOS? The answer is no.
  • Shout Wipes: These live in my make up bag, but it felt wrong including them under the beauty section. I'm a complete mess 99% of the time, so this isn't even a question for me. It's almost guaranteed I will spill something from myself, so these are always on hand.
  • Laptop (MacBook Pro 13"): I take all my notes in class on my computer, so this is a must have. Also to distract myself during classes that are way too boring. Which apparently will get you in trouble with TAs, watch your backs.
  • Kindle (HD Fire): For my lovely two-hour breaks that I can't manage to avoid, or ever fill really, I keep this on hand for whatever book I'm reading. Until yesterday it was The Maze Runner, I think I might delve back into the Divergent series next though.
  • Lisa Frank Folder: Because I'm a 90s girl and I need someone to keep my papers, okay? Don't judge.
  • Blogging Notebook: Yet another self explanatory item, which also happens to have a lot of homes. In case I have an idea for a post or video, or I'm planning out collab posts.
  • Planner: I never leave home without this thing. Ever. It's my life. I would seriously not know up from down without it.
  • Pens/Pencils: Again, self explanatory and boring. 
  • Wallet: An absolute must when you're on campus all day, for obvious reasons.
Well, that's all from me today. What's in your school bag?



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