On Repeat #36

Chloroform- Phoenix
Completely late on the game, I know. I was never a massive fan of Phoenix but their new album is extremely catchy. I have no idea what made me listen to it but I'm glad I did. The album has a really nice flow to it, I'll give them that. The majority of the album is what you would typically expect from them, pretty upbeat tunes. Which is totally fine because the entire album has the ability to put you in a good mood. Say, on your lunch break from work? I mean, it usually works for me. I would have to say that this album has definitely made me take a second look at this band. I had a hard time even picking a song because they're all prettayy solid.

State of Your Heart - Logan Mize
Pretty sure my love affair for Logan Mize doesn't need to be talked about anymore, I think you all get it at this point. I actually couldn't find my original choice on YouTube, or second, or third (I Give In, Ball and Chain and Hey Carolina, respectively; in case you were wondering). So this actually is fourth place for the week. Anyway, pretty much all I've listened to — correction: all I've listened to — since returning from Manhattan is country. Much to Rachel's dismay I wouldn't turn on anything else in the car the other night, #sorrynotsorry, Rach. It's just what Manhattan does to me. I'm not sure why, but I don't hate it. So if you haven't checked out Logan already just do it. Otherwise I'll just continue to post about him until you do.
Dark Horse - Katy Perry
     You can ask any of my friends back home that I became shamelessly obsessed with this song over winter break. It's an illness. But in all seriousness, I've always been a fan of Katy but this song in particular is amazing. It's completely different from any other song she's done before in that she's experimenting with more of a dubstep feel as well as incorporating some Juicy J, y'all. If you like Katy Perry or dubstep or rap, you need to check out this song if you haven't already heard it (in which case you must be living under a rock).

     With the start of the new semester (heave), I thought I’d refresh my Spotify queue. Much to my surprise they’ve upped their game in terms of content. I was happy to see several older bands that were unavailable when I first signed up. Thus, a good amount of Rush, The Eagles, Queen, and of course Kansas have been at the forefront. I’ve known this song probably since I was about 5 and fifteen years later it’s still fantastic. I half-tripped up the stairs jamming to it on campus, so. Apparently I wasn’t soaring ever higher.


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