Miracle Mask

As the other girls can attest, I've been having major meltdowns about my hair. The last time I had it dyed I made the mistake of washing/ combing my hair that morning. Anyone who has ever bleached their hair will know that leads to a pretty excruciating appointment. I didn't realize until days after the full extent of that mistake. My hair was over-processed and the ends were bent in all different directions just to show me how terrible of a person I am. My hair has never been so damaged. 

I've been wanting to grow my hair out into a bob and any length cut off when your hair is this short feels like I've been given a buzz cut. Grasping at any straws to keep my hair I started researching hair masks like my life depended on it. My Aussie 3 Minute Miracle and line of Organix hair masks wouldn't even touch the damage I had done. 

Finally, a hair mask sent from heaven. It's more of a mixture of two since I tried them individually and they didn't make me cry tears of joy. First, on dry hair I put some Virgin Coconut Oil on the ends and then work it completely into my hair. I love using Coconut Oil because even though it is a solid in the jar, it just melts into your palms and is easy to use. I've had this jar for awhile, I bought this at my local grocery store awhile back for pretty cheap and I've used it for a range of reasons. After I've combed that through my hair, I use the Redken Extreme Strength Builder Plus. I saw Kate from gh0stparties post on this and she seriously was not lying about how amazing it smells. Apart from the smell it does some serious work on your hair. The Redken Extreme Line is based on the IPN (Interlock Protein Network) that works at the source of the problem rather than just cover up the issues, which is what I feel like a lot of hair masks do. 

After I've combed my hair again to make sure that the Redken product and Coconut Oil have mixed together I put a shower cap over my hair and blow dry it for just a little bit (low heat) and then leave it on for thirty minutes. I say thirty minutes because I've done my fair share of research on this. Masks that are supposed to stay on overnight do not do anything more than one for thirty minutes. No matter the base of the mask, the hair will absorb all it can in that thirty minutes. Masks that stay on overnight can actually do more damage by over-conditioning your hair which can make it brittle and prone to breakage. So only thirty minutes, people! 

Annyywayyy, after that thirty minutes, I just rinse it out and follow it with my Lee Stafford Toning Shampoo and Conditioner. This helped my hair so much. The mixture of both these products left my hair and scalp feeling like I haven't put it through months of torture. I use this about twice a week and I feel like it earns the name 'Miracle Mask.'

If you try this you'll have to let me know how it works for you!
xx Tori


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