My Week #1: Basically Puppies

On my day off last Wednesday I visited one of my really good friends, Marion, and my fur-nephew, Tomato. We got a chance to talk while Tomato had his training session with his Kinesiologist who is awesome and I pretty much completely admire. After Tomato had his two mile run, we got some Sushi at a place downtown. I completely failed and deleted the picture of my delicious bento box. I also got my Flyers ticket from her! Excited does not even begin to explain how I feel about this game. It will be my first hockey game cheering for my favorite team (so don't mess up, Flyers).

On Saturday, the girls and I managed to hang out for a bit. Beforehand I went to Rachel's house because we were going to go shopping with Tessa and then see the movie Her. I made sure I brought my camera so I could snap a few pictures of Auggie. All of his puppy energy made it quite difficult but he finally settled once he had his sock. Sure, he looks precious, but Tomato is more gentle and definitely more snuggly than Auggie. I know Rachel definitely can't wait for him to get his adult teeth because hot damn puppy teeth are sharp. Maybe I just don't understand the concept of "high energy."

Last but not least, I got my MacBook! I have had a terrible time with laptops (two in three years kind of terrible). My last laptop officially died on me last week, right before school started. Thank the lord for Apple financing because I wouldn't have been able to get one without it.

Anywho, hopefully the pictures of puppies entertained you a bit. I'll have a review of one of the products that I bought on Saturday up next Wednesday for you guys!
xx Tori


  1. Aww these dogs are soooo cute! (:
    Do you want any animals of your own once you get out of college?

    ~Makaela at

  2. I have a doxen (loosely, he's pretty much my brother's dog) and a couple of cats. Once I'm on my own I definitely want a couple of pitbulls. I'm definitely a "bully breed" adovcate.

    Nice blogspot as well! Looks like we watch the same YouTubers! Shameless Maya is amazing, right?