Bedside Essentials

I'll be honest - I spend a lot more of my time laying in bed watching Netflix than I do just about anything else. Working is probably the only thing that rivals it. Seriously - if I can do it from my bed I will. So naturally there's a few products I keep bedside.. Mostly because I'm too lazy to move, but whatever.

Soap & Glory Hand Food
This one I am 1000% blaming on Tori. She got me a Soap & Glory gift set for Christmas and boy am I hooked. This hand cream hasn't left my bedside table and I honestly apply it at least 5 times a day. It smells absolutely wonderful, isn't greasy and is ridiculously hydrating and moisturizing. If you're on the market for a good hand cream, look no further because this is it. I'm probably going to purchase the full size to keep at home and throw this travel one in my bag. Even though I have about 50 other lotions I should use up first.

Avon Moisture Boost Eye Cream for Normal Skin & Yes to Blueberries Age Refresh Deep Wrinkle Night Cream
This is a new addition. Once again, I'm lazy. So I've started keeping my night cream and night eye cream by my bedside. This is also partly because I've added in a new toner to my skin care routine, and I like to let it sink in a little bit before finishing up my skin care routine. So after I apply my toner, I usually come to bed and check e-mails, twitter, etc, and then apply my night cream and eye cream before turning back to Netflix. I realize how lazy and boring this makes me sound, but kind of genius, no?

Nail File
I have a serious problem with hoarding nail files. Pretty sure there are about 10 in a bathroom drawer, at least one in my purse, and who knows how many more elsewhere. I don't have an obsession with filing my nails, it just seems that they always come in gift sets for some reason so I now own a disgusting amount of them. This is also a new addition as I've started to take better care of my nails, so filing is a must. I usually keep my nails pretty short but of course the occasional snag comes up that I need to file out.

Now for the boring basics...

Water Bottle
I stopped drinking pop nearly a year and a half ago (I've fallen into a bad habit lately of grabbing one at my internship every so often, really need to discipline myself better), so I always have a water bottle with me anyway. Lucky for me, I'm also one of the people who wakes up in the middle of the night dying of thirst for some reason, so if I don't have this I may die. Also, I don't just take a glass of water because I'm not responsible enough for that. Every time I've tried that I end up spilling all over myself, so water bottles are my best friend. Namely my Camelback aka lifesaver.

Glasses Case/Contact Case
I'm blind as a bat, so these are here for obvious reasons. I usually don't wear my glasses unless I'm just hanging around the house, so they pretty much live in their case until I get home from work. I keep my contact case next to my bed to for nights I get home later and can't be bothered to walk the 3 feet it would require to stand up in my bathroom and take them out there.

Pen and Notebook
It always seems that my best ideas hit me when I'm laying in bed, so I keep my blogging notebook (matching with Rachel, btw, because we're cute friends like that) next to my bed along with my favorite pen from a local advertising agency. Weird I know but have you come to expect anything else?

Phone Charger
This is a no brainer. I charge my phone overnight and since it also serves as my alarm, it's only logical to keep my phone charger on my bedside table. Mostly so I can hit snooze 500 times the second my alarm goes off in the morning. If you didn't already know, I'm not a morning person.

So there you have it, my bedside essentials - boring and not so boring. And I now have revealed my true life to all of the internet. So that's fun.




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