This Week's Favorites | #1

I was honestly at a loss of what to post this week, so I went on bloglovin for a little inspiration (Speaking of, follow us on bloglovin if you aren't already). Much inspired by Kate's (gh0stparties) "This Week's Most Loved...", enjoy my favorite/most used products this week.

Chanel VitalumiƩre Aqua in BR12
    I finally bit the bullet and bought this. After going through many samples, I decided I couldn't live without it. It's great on lighter coverage days, which is basically everyday for me. It pained me a lot to spend $50 on foundation, but my philosophy on foundation is much like skin care — get it right and it'll change your life. So it's well worth it.

MAC Paint Pot in Painterly
    This might be a regular appearance on the list. I use this as my eyeshadow base any time I wear eyeshadow. It's the perfect color, not too pink, too brown or too nude. It also makes eyeshadow last a ridiculous amount longer, with no creasing. So if you haven't invested in one of these already, you definitely need to.

Maybelline Baby Lips Neon in Oh! Orange!
    I dug this out of my lip drawer in order to use it up so I could buy more lip balm, because I really can't justify it right now. I have issues, I know. Anyway, I've fallen in love with this color all over again and can't remember why I put it away. It doesn't have as nice of a scent as the other Baby Lips I own, but the color pay off is beautiful, and much like Jen, Rachel and I were talking about the other night: any orange lip/blush color, I'm there.

Pixi Bronzer in Subtly Suntouched
    I got this a while back in an ipsy bag, used it a couple times and put it down and never looked back. Until I watched a Chelsea Wears video in which she talked about how she loves wearing brown blush, something I had never ventured into. I went home a did a good ol' "shop my stash" and stumbled upon this again. I've been loving this in place of blush lately, so much so that I took it on my trip to Manhattan with me — which was a very narrowed down make up stash, by the way. It looks great with any make up look and gives the skin a subtle glow.

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