Life Resolutions

Hello All! I feel as though it's been forever (maybe because of the holidays, it has been). So I know Tess did a post on new years resolutions and Rach did one for beauty, but today I am going to make a list of life Resolutions. Resolutions I would like to keep for life, even if I don't get to them all in the year of 2014.

Listen to more songs like these 1. 2. 3. 4.

Read the books listed here

Balance myself like a lovely person named Emily here

I know every one says this, but I really would like to become more fit and healthy.

Not feel bad about how long I sleep (or how late I stay up)

Cut ties with people who aren't good for me

Get even better eyebrow game

Learn new make up tricks and techniques

Grow my hair longer

Try to not look like a hobo when I'm not working.

Save more money

Be more consistent with blog and videos.

watch more Classic Who (because hey, I have until autumn 2014 to catch up...)

go to the museum more

buy more keds

buy more cardigans

care less 

deep breaths more.

xo kayson


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