Study Essentials

Hola everyone and Happy MLK Day! Since most college students start back tomorrow, I figured this would be a perfect post for today. There are a few things I can't live without when studying as well as a couple other tips and tricks I utilize. The essentials first though:

1. Music
     Absolutely necessary. The genre of music differs depending on what type of homework I'm doing. Classical is for reading, dubstep for chemistry, Bon Iver for weekend mornings... my Spotify is a well-tuned weapon in my arsenal against college coursework.

- Bon Iver Radio
- Ellie Goulding
- Lana Del Rey
- alt-J

2. Comfortable Clothing
     Bring on the fuzzy socks, leggings, and oversized sweaters (yes, I'm the epitome of a white girl). But in reality, you need to have something comfortable but please do not wear Uggs. I beg of you. There are other warm options out there.

- Aerie
- Target
- Forever 21 (for sweaters, duh)

3. Some type of delicious drink
     I try not to snack while doing homework because I can easily eat a Family Size Cheetos bag in one sitting. It's a talent of mine. So instead, I have an array of drinks to choose from instead of water to satiate my craving for food. Which is constant. Also, if you don't have a Keurig, there is something very wrong in your life because I'm in love with mine.

- Apple Cider (hot or cold... YUM)
- Coffee (duh).
     There are so many varieties out there, even for those of you who don't like it. Target has a great variety of flavored coffees that are delicious such as Pumpkin Spice and Caramel Macchiato.
- Chai Tea.
    I just started drinking this late last semester and I'm completely addicted. You can also buy the Chai concentrate from Target that Starbucks uses!
- Crystal Light.
    SO. GOOD. And so many options.

Other necessities:
- Hairbands to tie my hair back. I can never have bangs because I need all hair out of my face when I'm working. It makes me craaaaaay-zee.
- Laptop or iPad. I keep my to-do list and calendar on my computer cause it's easier to organize then re-writing everything.
- Gum. Another thing to prevent the snacking.

Welp, that's all for me today. Until next week!



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